Publishing Company

Specialist for Print, Corporate Publishing and Digital Media



Journalistic print media has been the central mission and core expertise of POLYGO for nearly 20 years. Corporate publishing, regional economic and cultural magazines are pillars of our publishing house . With offices in Berlin, Göttingen, Hamburg and Hannover, we established a network of specialized editors working in different and challenging projects. This special structure allows us to bring to life corporate publications with an in-depth and journalistic approach, making your corporate identity more appealing and eye-catching for your employees – the most effective way of satisfying your company’s communication needs.

POLYGO is a full-service publishing company, with a true warrant of consistent high quality in printed products. We carefully go through every part of the production progress, from paper selection, sophisticated texts, to full-page photo spreads. A POLYGO created magazine is always a special publication and definitely, a collector’s item. We create over 30 magazines per year wich appeal specific target groups belonging to the higher economical stratums, such as the POLO+10, RegJo and other publications.


Corporate Publishing

POLYGO Verlag GmbH has a broad expertise in high-quality magazines. Our overall concepts for success include factors such as outbound logistics, advertising sales, marketing and partnerships, which are customised specifically according to each clients profile. Custom–made communication: only through this level of accuracy we can achieve utter success.

Digital Division

The POLYGO digital division, located in the heart of Berlin, offers you the conception and construction of websites and webapps. Our broad service portfolio ranges from small online business cards, custom-made online packages for small and medium enterprises up to complex online shops. Above all, POLYGO works according to the following 10 quality criteria, and follows them in every project, regardless to its scope:

Who we are

As a specialist in corporate publishing and special interests communication, POLYGO, with its 30 employees, covers the entire service portfolio: design, editing, production, distribution and display. The team ranges from text and picture editors, art directors, publishers and advertising executives, production experts to specialized customer media advertisement professionals. If required by a challenging project we can be backed up by an established network of business and professional editors, photographers, graphic designers and translators. The scope of services is always customised individually with each customer.