THE TASTE OF URUGUAY REDESIGNED From now on, gourmands have the opportunity to order the best meat from Uruguay at the Lafina online shop and get it delivered to their homes. POLYGO Digital [...]

Kanzlei Dieter Ahnert

REDESIGN OF YOUR WEBSITE POLYGO Digital is the perfect partner for small and medium companies when it comes to their online strategy. As an example, POLYGO Digital Division provided to the Dieter [...]


THE BIGGEST POLO WEBSITE OF THE WORLD For more than 10 years, POLYGO has been publishing the international premium magazine POLO+10. As a complement to the publication, our digital division is in [...]

Monte-Carlo Polo Club

CREATION OF THE NEW WEBSITE For polo clubs an ideal online presentation also becomes more and more important. The POLYGO Digital Division is the perfect contact for this. POLYGO Digital creates [...]

Deutscher Poloverband

THE ANNIVERSARY BOOK The anniversary book, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the German Polo Association (DPV), provides an overview on the evolution of the sport in Germany, a survey of all [...]

Niedersachsen Global

MAGAZINE FOR BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT Since 2011, the English-speaking economy magazine „Niedersachsen Global“ is being published by POLYGO and provides the economy of Lower Saxony an [...]


EMPLOYEE MAGAZINE AND CUSTOMER MAGAZINE POLYGO creates both the employee magazine and the customer magazine for one of the biggest distributors and manufacturers of corrugated cardboard with [...]

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